Technical Support

All Vertical Express elevators and service are backed by the highest quality technical support. Whether it's servicing your pc controller boards or providing up to date technical bulletins and component manuals, you'll find what you need here.

Component Manuals

Vertical Express offers a wide range of component manuals about your Vertical Express and Swift equipment.

The manuals contain:
  • exploded views of components
  • troubleshooting steps
  • spare parts list

Board Repair

Vertical Express’ Repair Board Lab repairs and refurbishes thyssenkrupp, Dover, Vertical Express and Swift boards. Our technicians specialize in all aspects of printed circuit board repair.

Technical Bulletins

Vertical Express and Swift technical bulletins on-line for easy access.

Wiring Diagrams & Layouts

Vertical Express can provide you with thyssenkrupp, Dover and Swift wiring diagrams and layouts.